Here at TechTurtleUK we have had a great time writing all the news post’s, and the sifting through the awesome comments and finding out the interestingly phrased spam ones (I could have had several tons of gold bullion apparently!)

Alas, what with the tiny team of, well, me, It’s just not possible to keep up with the huge amount of tech news that is released each day, not and work my day job too.

It’s been an interesting challenge running the site, and I have learned a huge amount of stuff, both about tech and coding, and copyright and time management.

I hope everyone enjoyed the site as much as I did, and if you would like to continue to read my wordings, I have started a new site based on one company, device and ecosystem; Microsoft Surface.

You can find the new site here at everythingsurface, its just getting off the ground so bear with it, but there will be regular posts including hands on reviews, guides, tips, FAQ’s and also Microsoft news too.

Thank you again to everyone that has read this site over the months it was up, I really appreciate it.

Hopefully, one day, I can get the time and resources to start posting to this site again, but we’ll just have to see.

Thanks again!


Lee Burchell.

everythingsurface: http://everythingsurface.wordpress.com/

everythingsurface facebook: http://www.facebook.com./everythingsurface

everythingsurface twitter: @ethingsurface


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