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Alas, the rumours are true.

YouTube has now introduced ad’s to their videos on mobile devices.


You can still skip them!


Mobile Ad’s

Just like when you go to YouTube on your desktop and load up a YouTube video, an ad will oft appear before the video starts, however, the option to ‘skip this ad’ after 5 seconds is still there, enabling you to go straight to the video you loaded in the first place.

YouTube introduced ad’s that you can skip way back in 2010 and is a HUGE revenue stream for them. A little known fact though,Google say that around 65% of all YouTube ad’s can be skipped, that’s not a huge inconvenience, unless you at your data limit, with little to no battery, but other than that it’s not really an issue.

Credit: creatememe.com


Google has been using different kind of ad formats for years now, from the simple ‘text pop up’ through a video, that is so easily dismissed without so much as reading it, to the forced ad which will not enable you to skip, and you have no choice but to sit and watch, and they even threw in banners in the middle somewhere.

This is all very good timing by Google, as the soon to be released iOS 6 will no longer have the native YouTube app. It’s rarely updated by Apple, and Google would rather build their own, also the license ran out on its use on iOS devices and neither party wanted to renew it.

This can only mean that there will be ad’s in Google’s own version of the app, but that it will also be more regularly updated, better looking and probably a little bit snappier.


Source: Techradar


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