Credit: Engadget.com


Yesterday (21/08/12) Skype launched an update to their app on both the iPhone & the iPad, that will enable you to share photos whilst chatting to someone on Skype.

Cited as a ‘frequently request feature’ by consumers and die-hard Skype users, a new feature called ‘Photo Share’ has been released.

Photo Share will enable you share photos with whom ever you happen to be on Skype with, and there is no size limit to the file you can share. Just be aware of your data usage if you’re not in a Wi-Fi area!

As well as Photo Share the update will enhance the current app optimizing power consumption so that the app uses less power, and the contacts have been tweaked so that they load faster.

So if you’re a huge Skype fan, then you probably already know about this. If not, then give it a whirl, its easy its cheap (as in free if you’re using a Wi-Fi network) and hey, even the apps free too.


Source: AllThingsD


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