Credit: Engadget

Ever wished you were the person that found a prototype iPhone, and got that sneak preview into what was coming. Well someone did.

The picture above appears to be a working prototype of the iPhone 4, complete with the prototype ‘Death Star’ like symbol Apple use’s on its development devices. The phone has been listed on eBay with a starting bid of $4500 or if you really want it, you can buy it now for just $10’000. It comes running Apple’s testing software ‘Switchboard’ so there is software of a kind running on it, although as to whether it will give you access to standard iPhone-like features, like the app store, music etc.. is a question we can’t answer. Perhaps you could let us know once one of you have bought it.

It’s unknown how long this will stay listed for, its highly unlikely that Apple will allow it to stay up for long, probably claiming intellectual property rights. Wouldn’t it be great if it were Samsung trying to get rid of some evidence though.


Source: Engadget


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