Credit: Apple


Whats that, your Macbook just won’t last a full day of use without constant charging? Can’t watch films, edit photos and do whatever else it is that Mac users do all day, because you’re running out of battery?

Well never fear, OS X 10.8.1 is here!

An unnamed developer has stated that OS X 10.8.1 greatly improves the battery life of your Mac. Having a battery of 4 hours and 5 minutes on their Macbook after a full charge, the intrepid developer went ahead and installed the 10.8.1 preview and once it was done, lo and behold, the battery readout stated over 8 hours!

It’s been known for a while that Apple are constantly working on improving battery life, take the iPad, they just seem to last forever on one charge.

There have been some early concerns from several Macbook customers that after the initial release of Mountain Lion (10.8)  their battery life had greatly diminished, so this would appear to be the fix. Apple have not acknowledged that there is a battery problem, but then nor have they denied it, either way, this looks as though it will fix any issues.


Source: AllThingsD


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