Credit: texas.construction.com


Samsung, the company that are currently embroiled in a rather long and nasty patent battle with Apple in the US courts, are planning on spending approximately $4 billion in renovation fees to re-vamp their current chip production plant in Austin Texas, the plant that builds iPhone and iPad chips.

Although unconfirmed it is believed that Samsung are the sole providers of the chips found in Apple’s iPhone and iPad, which is so deliciously Ironic, it’s just plain silly.

Apple use Samsung to make their products, and because of the volume of iDevices shipped, Apple are surely Samsung’s biggest customer, and yet on the other hand they are fighting each other in court, and even meeting CEO to CEO, though to little avail. It’s such a bizarre case, that if it were written in a script, it would be laughed out of the cinema.

The $4 billion Samsung are planning to spend will also be used to boost production on ARM based chips that are increasingly becoming used more and more in smartphones.

Samsung are also planning on an expenditure of 2.25 trillion won / $1.98 billion to build a new plant in South Korea to better serve customers like Apple in number of units and speed of production.


Source: AppleInsider


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