Credit: Microsoft

Good news for Nokia!

A study conducted by Localytics has shown that Nokia’s market share for Windows Phone, against other WP manufacturers, has steadily increased.

Since January 2012, Nokia’s Window’s Phone devices has grown by 312% worldwide, with a 273% increase the US.

Credit: AllThingsD


In the US Nokia has seen particularly high growth, going from literally 0% – 32%, which considering the size of the big ol’ USA ,is quite an achievement.

It’s not as if Nokia hasn’t had any competition either, HTC make the fantastic Titan & Titan 2, and Samsung made the Omina 7, which to my mind was the best of the bunch.

Nokia gaining a 32% market share over the course of 8 months if pretty impressive, although it’s fair to say help was certainly given to them by way of Microsoft sponsoring them at events, and making them the ‘No.1 choice’ as a development partner.

Credit: AllThingsD

Whats Next?

Whilst no statements or announcements have yet been made, it is highly likely that Nokia and Microsoft will make a joint announcement on 5th Sept both at Nokia World in Finland and an as yet unspecified event in New York. We are expecting to see the Nokia Phi amongst other devices which TechTurtleUK reported will be toting a 4.5inch screen and the newest build of Windows 8. It’s also rumoured that there may, may, be a Nokia version of Surface, but this is highly speculative and is literally only a whisper on the internet for now.

Source: AllThingsD


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