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So Green Day, having gotten bored with selling millions of records, touring the world, playing in several other bands (Pinhead Gunpowder & The Frustrators to name a few) and having a West End/Broadway musical based on their career are now in a game. An Angry Birds game.

Appearing in ‘Angry Birds & Friends’ and providing an exclusive song for the game, Green Day’s Bille Joe had this to say on their new-found excursion:

“We’re all fans of Angry Birds. It’s such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn’t stop. Go Team Green!”


In addition to the exclusive track ‘troublemaker’ fans will also be treated to 10 never before seen themed levels, and pig characters based on the band and Green Day’s latest single, ‘Oh Love’.

So enjoy the adventures of Billie ‘Pork Sausage’ Armstrong, Mike ‘Burnt’ Bacon and Tre’ Pork Chop’s.


Source: Engadget 


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