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An ex-Apple employee has filed a wrongful termination suit against Apple after being assured Job security by the late Steve Jobs.

The ex-employee in question is a Mr. Wayne Goodrich who was fired in December 2011 for what Apple has called ‘business reasons’.

Mr. Goodrich was responsible for many of the Apple keynotes that everyone knows. Acting as an executive producer, Goodrich states that he worked and collaborated with Jobs in planning the keynotes, in addition to playing a ‘key’ role in coordinating major product launches, such as the iPhone and iPad.

In addition Goodrich states to have introduced representatives of Siri.Inc to Apple who then went on to later acquire the company and incorporate it into Apple’s iOS.


Job Security

According to Goodrich, a one on one meeting occured between him and the Apple CEO in 2005, shortly after Job’s return from medical leave. Goodrich states that during this meeting, Job’s promised him he would always have a place at Apple.

Later on in 2010, Jobs was said to have assured Goodrich that should his current position be compromised in any way, or if Jobs left Apple, that a job would be available for him. So far there doe’s not appear to have been any official records of these conversations kept.

Goodrich’s lawyers have stated that their client was fired in order to avoid paying out stock that he had earned during his time with the company. Goodrich’s stock had risen from $97.40 in 2008 to $635 per share at time of the lawsuit’s filing.

Goodrich is seeking damages for emotional distress, restricted stock, lost wages and benefits although an actual amount has not yet been disclosed.


Source: AppleInsider, Bloomberg Business Week


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