Credit: Microsoft

Chris Weber the Vice President of Nokia seems to be feeling pretty if himself. Approximately 18 hours ago Nokia’s VP tweeted using the hash tag #lumia the following sentence:

“Samsung take note, next generation Nokia coming soon”

We assume that this is in reference to the Nokia Phi that TechTurtleUK confirmed would have a 4.5 inch screen earlier today. Although the Galaxy Note and Note 2 are much bigger so perhaps there is an even bigger sized Nokia waiting in the wings?

Several people replied to the tweet asking for screen sizes, or how Nokia was going to tempt them back, and whilst the VP didn’t give specific he did ask for the chance to win people back.


The Word…Note.

Lets get really analytical for a moment. Chris said Samsung take note. Doe’s that mean that he is alluding to a larger screen sized Nokia. Was it simply a play on words, a pun on Samsung’s own branding. I for one would love a larger Nokia. I have the Nokia 900 and its nice, but, It’s quite buggy software wise, and whilst a larger screen wouldn’t help that, it would look a lot flashier whilst its bricking.

So can we see a Nokia ‘Phablet’ on the horizon, the Galaxy note is a big piece of kit and with the Note 2 coming out it’s just getting bigger. I don’t think that a larger screen size than the 4.5 will be outed. It’s not quite the sleek fit easily in your pocket that Nokia usually go for. But again, we will just have to wait until the 5th September.

Source: Chris Weber Twitter


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