Credit: Lenovo


Just look at that picture above. It’s one big happy family. Yeah, one big happy fighting family!

Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yuanquig has said that he isn’t happy that Microsoft are producing their own Surface and releasing it to the market, but he isn’t concerned that it will comprise Lenovo’s sales either.

Where other OEM’s have been openly unhappy about Microsoft’s decision to get into the hardware game,  ACER have stated to the press the move will damage the ecosystem, and that other brands may also take a negative reaction toward it.

Lenovo on the other hand, aren’t so bothered. In an interview with AllThingsD Yuanquig commented that “To be frank, we’re not that worried” and went on to say “Microsoft is still our strategy partner, we don’t like Microsoft providing hardware, but Microsoft entering the hardware business, for us that just adds one more competitor. We are still confident in our sales.”

It could be that Lenovo have taken the right attitude. Currently we only know that Microsoft’s Surface will be available from Microsoft stores. There has been no word on availability for any other outlet, including Microsoft online. In fact, there hasn’t been any news on what the distribution plan is for any international customers. It may be that the rest of the world will have to buy a Surface from one of the OEM’s rather than a Surface directly from  Microsoft as they don’t have any off shore stores.

Yuanquig may have a point there too, Lenovo products are available on a global basis, where as Microsoft’s own hardware products (signature desktops for example) aren’t as widely available. Yuanquig included in his interview with AllThingsD that “We [Lenovo] are providing much better hardware than our competitors, including Microsoft. They are strong in software. But I don’t believe they can provide the best hardware in the world, Lenovo can”

All that remains is to see who can provide the best price in the world, as that’s one nugget of information everyone is still waiting on.


Source: AllThingsD


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