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Apple TV, akin to the black sheep of the family. Not because it did anything wrong, it just wasn’t as favoured as it was its brothers. But now, finally, perhaps Apple TV will get it’s moment.

Apple has always made its money from Macs, iPods, iPhone’s, iTunes and now iPad’s. Apple TV although launched in 2006 has rarely received any real fanfare. But this may soon change. iPods are slowly becoming a thing of the past, what with most mobile phones doubling as better media players than most portable MP3 players did the iPod has most certainly been in decline, and with the slowly inevitable rise of digital streaming media it might just be time for Apple TV to shine


Streaming, Media, and DVR

Currently you can stream media from any other Apple device to your Apple TV as well as internet content and that’s all dandy, but it is somewhat limited as to what content is available.

Apple are now in talks with major cable and network companies to work out a delivery package of various programming, rather than place themselves in direct competition with already vastly established networks.

Apple are not just hoping to bring new content to Apple TV but also to have web-based DVR storage.


Web-based what now?

Apples plan is to make all shows (that your subscribed too presumably) available at any time, that you start whenever you want. You can start the program a few minutes after its started on TV, you can start the show 5 mins before it actually ends on TV, you can pull any show, from the cloud any time.

The interface is said to be similar to that of the iPad in order to make the devices simple, and easy to use. It has even been discussed that there will be room on the screen to share shows via social networking.


What could go wrong?

Law. Law’s and Law’s and more Law’s, something Apple is getting a great deal of exposure to with their current Samsung patent case.

Not only will licensing of certain shows have to be addressed, but so will the concerns of whichever network will be providing the service to Apple and how they are paid for what shows, advertisements etc..

When iTunes launched Steve Jobs had record companies over a barrel, digital music was fast becoming an industry standard and the record labels didn’t know how they could profit, or how they would go about controlling releases. In step’s Apple with their iPod, iTunes and payment models, potentially saving record companies such as Sony and Warner millions.

For Apple TV though, things won’t be as simple. there have been television companies for decades, there are many set precedents as to what is and isn’t acceptable, not to mention there is currently no industry standard for web-based DVR handling or licensing.

How Apple intend to go about negotiating with the network’s is unknown, but some serious glad-handing is going to be required. If they can pull it off though, Apple will have a finger in Music and TV which could be a very powerful combination.


Source: Techradar



2 thoughts on “Apple TV to Use Web Based DVR as Storage

  1. As much as I have many dislikes to how Apple work and alot of their products……this sounds pretty amazing…. Interesting to see how they get it to work

    • Yeah, although I fail to see how it will be different from cable companies providing their own top boxes, other than it’ll be an Apple one. Im guessing they will aim to have exclusive content in addition to streaming stuff from iTunes and what not.

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