Credit: tos-dr.info


Whats that? Your signing up to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn….MySpace? You’ve filled all your details in and just before your good to go the Terms of Service pop up and ask you to read them, then tick the box to say you have read them and that you agree to them.

Did you read them really?


No of course you didn’t, for all you know you have just signed over your first-born child to Mark Zuckerberg to be a Facebook baby, or your new car to Larry Page so he can test the Google self drive car scheme on your brand spanking new vehicle.

The thing is, so many sites have these ToS (terms of service) and the reading of them is, lets face it, one of the most boring things in the world. Ever.

Well as it happens some other people agree with you and have launched a website that actually reads the ToS for you, flags anything you should know about and restructures it so that you only need to read a couple of sentences.

The site is called tos-dr and can be found right…. here.


So What Will It Do?

Did you know that if you close your Twitter account, Twitter still own the tweet’s and can do with them as they please. Google can actually use any of your contents that you store on their servers without asking you first, that’s pretty scary right. All of these terms and conditions, usually buried in the minutiae of the ToS will be brought to the forefront so you know about it in a really lovely and simple interface.

It’s really a great idea, and we will certainly be making use of it, please bear in mind that it’s still in pre-alpha phase at the moment and is therefore somewhat delicate, so be gentle.


Source: tos-dr.info, Huffington Post


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