Credit: Microsoft

Had any issues downloading app’s over the last few days? You’ve tried reconnecting to your Wi-Fi, or going in to, and then out of flight mode to reinitialize your antenna? You even tried turning your phone on and off again, removing your self from contact for that precious minute or so and nope, still can’t download that app.

Well we know why.

Microsoft is also aware of the issue and their Windows Phone Blog has posted an entry addressing the problem.

There is apparently an issue with the digital signatures used to sign some of the apps in the marketplace that have been published over the last few days.

Did you update to Windows Phone 7.5?

Microsoft have confirmed that devices affected are primarily those that were purchased running Windows Phone 7 and then upgraded to 7.5 Mango. It doesn’t appear to affect devices with Mango pre-installed, although this could be subject to change.

The Windows Team have also advised that they are working on a fix and already planning the roll out, however until it has, no more app’s will be published in the market place. They also go on to say that any apps that you have installed and had trouble doing so, should be deleted as when the update rolls out, it’s possible all data acquired by the app or entered by the user may be lost.

No date has yet been given for the possible roll out of the update.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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