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As you may or may not know, Microsoft will be releasing their own tablet the Microsoft Surface on October 26th. Not that much is known about it other than it has a keyboard on the underside of the iPad like cover, and the keyboard/pad has an accelerometer inside so that it knows when it’s not in use.

We know that there is an RT version that runs on an ARM processor and we know that an x86 version will be available early next year that will allow more functions and PC like features.

We even know that there will be a 32GB RT model and that there will be a 128GB Windows Pro version. What we don’t know is how much the thing will cost.


What we’re dying to know

When Microsoft announced the Surface at a random ad hoc event they gave a lot of information about Surface, showed many videos and even let a long line of technology journalists have 2mins each with one of the devices, sans the use of the keyboard. What they didn’t announce was the price, stating merely that it would be comparable to other ultrabooks and tablets in the market. Given that iPad’s can go for around $650 and ultrabooks for around $899 and up, the price did not look promising and it was as though Microsoft had priced themselves out of the market before even releasing.


But Wait…

According to an inside source at Engadget the cost of the Surface tablet was revealed at the TechReady15 conference, a price that we are still struggling to believe.


Yup just $199 dollars for Microsoft’s entry into the market with their iPad competitor.

If Microsoft really do launch the Surface at just $199 it will be very competitive price wise and will be able to go up against the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire at $199/£159 (for the basic model) and Google’s Nexus 7 at the same premiums, $199/£159.

In fact if Microsoft really do launch at $199 Apple may just have reason to worry. It’s a very attractive device and will have a comparable if not better spec, the only issue is that there will of course be limited app’s due to the fact it’s still unreleased and how to get hold of one outside of the US.

For just $199 a lot of people will be buying a Surface and we here just can’t wait!

Source: Techradar


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