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Microsoft have announced that the built-in Windows games app for Windows 8 will be called ‘Xbox Windows’.

Xbox Windows will be the for the new Windows platform featuring all the classics you expect to see including Solitaire, Mahjong and Minesweeper all of which will include achievements towards your Xbox gamer score.

Recently Valve and Steam co-founder Gabe Newell stated that Windows 8 could be “kind of catastrophe” and many people feel that this could be down not only to the slightly different way developers will have to work for Windows 8 but also because of the Windows 8 app.

Microsoft is yet to announce what games ‘Xbox Windows’ will carry, and if any of them will be triple A titles. The concern that Gabe Newell possibly has is that it will rival his own, and Valve’s platform, Steam.

Steam has carried games for PC on a digital basis for a long time and has been a huge success. As games don’t have to have any packaging or go through replication or duplication the games are far cheaper than buying them physically and if Microsoft try to develop a similar platform than Valve may see some competition. In fact Gabe Newell went so far as to say they are working on a Linux version of Steam.


3 thoughts on “Windows 8 Built in Games App to be Called ‘Xbox Windows’

  1. I’m still confused as to why everything is becoming Xbox. Xbox Music? Why? It’s not on the Xbox, its universal. Why not Microsoft Music? They are going about this all wrong.

    Nice blog post though!

    • Completely agree! Microsoft Music would be a much better name, but when people think ‘Microsoft’ they don’t think cool, or ‘in’, they think boring software giant. Xbox is a ‘cool’ brand and if they can associate their new Windows products with it then more people will use it with out questioning its origins.

      …. I really like the name Microsoft Music, has a certain ring to it.

      • I can totally understand the games being named “Xbox Windows” because it makes sense, it’s just their other services. Like you say, it seems to me that it must be some sort of marketing strategy to get more people to purchase Windows 8 and use their software.

        I liked the sound of Microsoft Music. Their services should be based on their Company name, not a product unless the service is exclusive to that one product.

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