If your eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5 then worry ye not. The long rumoured and much leaked iPhone is to allegedly be announced on 12th Sept and rumour has it that Apple will be taking pre-orders for the phone the VERY SAME DAY.

Can You Get One?

The first shipment of iPhone’s will usually go to US pre-orders with the second to that of international ones. For the US the expected delivery date is to be the 21st September and Internationally, early October, the 5th is the rumoured target shipping date.

Whats Different?

Whats different about the iPhone 5 over the 4 or 4S well nothing is actually concrete on that, but pretty much the entirety of the new iPhone has been leaked online. From the new antenna, to the potential new screen size, to the processor, even the number of cores and pins within the connector at the bottom has been speculated upon. If you want to know more, head on over to our iPhone 5 rumour round up here, here and here,  to catch up on what you could be getting when you pre-order the new phone.


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