Credit: Google


Google have announced that they are changing their search algorithm to lower search rankings for sites that have had multiple take down requests.

Since May 2012 Google has been clearer and more concise about how many take down requests they get, and sometimes even citing who made the requests, Governments, corporations etc….

Google until now, has never directly tried to impact the hits that sites generate from Google searches that are trying to avoid copyright laws, until now. Sites with a high number of take down notices, a number yet to be revealed, will now be pushed lower down in the search rankings so that real, honest sites can have the search spotlight.


But Google aren’t the Internet Police

Google are well within their rights to this, even if it may seem unfair to some. No-one is making consumers use Google as their search engine, nor are their lack of alternatives, so whilst some have discredited Google for taking this course action, it’s certainly well within their right.

There may also be a happy coincidence or a well conceived strategy in action at least. Google Music which is set to launch in the UK & Internationally….sometime, would certainly benefit from having piracy sites taken down, or at the very least reduced in search rankings. When searching for music in Google their own service is likely to be the first sponsored and perhaps unsponsored links, and by removing or pushing down the rankings of suspect piracy site’s Google’s own service will be in a far more prominent position.

The only slight disadvantage is Google’s own service, YouTube.

YouTube has thousands, if not millions of video’s on its site that are in breach of several copyright laws, music and footage being among the most prominent. Will this also affect YouTube video rankings when searching in Google?


Source: Techradar


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