9to5Mac have managed to get their hands on a photo from one of their source’s of what could be the new iPhone battery. The photo (see below) shows that the new iPhone could be powered by a 1,440mAh battery, which compared to the iPhone 4S’ 1,430mAh battery isn’t much of an increase.

But what about the Cores?

What does battery power have to do with how many cores will be in the iPhone? Well the more core’s you have the quicker your phone could run, and more applications you could run at one simultaneously, however the more cores you have the more power is required to keep them running.

The HTC ONE X runs on a 1,800mAh battery where the Samsung Galaxy SIII runs on a huge 2,100mAh battery, both phones are quad core and require a lot more power than the iPhone 4S.

The new iPhone is also rumoured to have a larger screen than the 4S, that of a 4-inch display, no doubt toting incredible clarity like the iPad and 4S (although probably not retina) so this will also be a drain on the battery.

Apple are very good at conserving power on their iPad’s sometimes going days with regular use with out need for regular charging, perhaps the new iPhone will see similar battery conserving software baked in to iOS 6 so only a smaller battery is required.

Credit: 9to5Mac


So with larger screen’s, possibly 2 processors, a new antenna and operating system, the iPhone 5 will be potentially getting quite a make over. With that in mind it may be that Apple weren’t able to fit either a quad core processor, or a larger battery in to the design, and Apple are all about design. Then again, with the fluidity of iOS 5, does the iPhone really need a quad core? It rarely stalls and holds up well against all competitors. It may be that Apple want to add some newer more core heavy applications or perhaps its the screen size demanded slightly more power to make it more effective.

All will allegedly be revealed on 12th September which is the rumoured Apple announcement of the new iPhone.


Source: Techradar


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