Nokia Lumia 900


It has been confirmed that one of the Windows 8 Phone’s from Nokia will be called the Nokia ‘Phi’.

The Phi will have the same design as the Lumia 800 and N9, that of a polycarbonate casing, completely sealed save for access to the SIM card. The Phi is also rumoured to have a larger screen than that of the current 3.7 inch Lumia 800.


So What’s New?

The Phi supposedly  said to have a dual core processor, either Qualcomm or Snapdragon, and will also have NFC (Near Field Communication). In addition the Phi may come with a microSD slot and potentially come in Yellow…which is certainly, different.

It’s likely that Nokia will announce several Windows 8 devices at Nokia World on 5th September in Finland this year.

Credit: latestwpnews.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “Nokia Phi – Confirmed Running Windows 8

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