Credit: Techradar

A photo has recently appeared on Facebook of an unreleased Samsung device with the heading; “Share the entertainment” on its own Facebook page.


But, what is it?

We can rule out the Galaxy Note 2, this handset doesn’t appear to have a screen large enough seeing as the Galaxy Note 1 had a whooping 5.3-inch screen.


What does it have?

There appears to be a physical key in the centre, flanked by two soft keys, this is similar to the current Galaxy range, but doesn’t appear to be the same form factor or screen size as the currently available handsets. If anything the design is similar to that of the Galaxy Tab with the rather nice metallic border around the edge, but then the button configuration is similar to that of the Galaxy SII, so whose to say what this ‘new’ device is.

As the device is on the official ‘Samsung’ website you imagine that this is in fact a real product however other devices have popped up on this page only to then be taken down. I’m sure we will find out if it is a new device to be released at IFA 2012, it may even be a budget model to be released in Europe.


Source: Techradar


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