Credit: idigitaltimes.com

The Internet Archive is now offering 1 million torrents containing music, books and even movies for you to download, legally, for free.

Internet Archive

For those of you that don’t know, the Internet Archive is a non-profit internet library. It provides access for scholars, historians, researchers and the general public to historic collections that are available in digital form. This includes live music concerts, movies, books and even old-time radio that is no longer under copyright, or has been made available free of copyright. Some of the music that you can download is John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, again all legally, all free.

The people behind the Internet Library have chosen BitTorrent as the most efficient way of gaining access to this files. By using UTorrent (a BitTorrent product that is also, completely free) people can download files simultaneously from two servers, thereby increasing the speed and availability of the files. UTorrent also has a ‘seeding’ feature which means if you have download items from the archive and choose to seed these files back, more people can access them faster.

John Gilmore, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation stated:


“I supported the original creation of BitTorrent because I believe in building technology to make it easy for communities to share what they have. The Archive is helping people to understand that BitTorrent isn’t just for ephemeral or dodgy items that disappear from view in a short time. BitTorrent is a great way to get and share large files that are permanently available from libraries like the Internet Archive,”



Source: Internet Archive, Techradar



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