Believe it or not, Apple & Samsung are not the only mobile communication companies currently involved in a lawsuit.

In July 2012 RIM were penalized when it was determined that they were infringing on Mformation’s wireless remote device management technology, and it has taken since 2008 to finish the case.

RIM, already falling far behind in the smart phone market, suffered vast stock losses and are still awaiting the release of their Blackberry 10 operating system, could really not afford to lose this case, and lose it they did not.

Mformation wanted to fine RIM $147.2 million  (£98.2m) based on the alleged patent infringement, of which after appeal was dismissed.

RIM released a statement saying “We appreciate the Judges careful consideration of this case. RIM did not infringe on Mformation’s patent and we are pleased with this victory.”

Considering RIM were seriously considering licensing Android from Google just shows how behind and potentially desperate they are, and having paid out $147.2 million would certainly have damaged the ailing company further, possibly beyond repair.


Source: Techradar


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