Are you a Samsung Galaxy SIII user in the UK? Have you noticed that since your update that search seems to suddenly be missing? Do you feel the cold grip of an Apple law suit win against Samsung?

Well fear not, the search function has disappeared due to a mistake by Samsung in the latest update rather than an Apple law suit victory demanding the function be removed.

Samsung have stated that it was a mistake in the update process that removed the search function and that a corrective software update will be provided within the next few days.

If you don’t use local search, or know what it does, it allows you to search for stuff on your phone and aggregates both searches from your handset as well as the web.

Samsung don’t exactly have a great history with updates the Windows 7 firmware update that preceded Windows 7.5, or the Ice Cream Sandwich update, Android 4.0 that took so long, that STILL some people haven’t got it and Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 is imminent.

So don’t worry, you’ll all be able to search again soon.


Source: CNET


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