Samuel L Jackson and other residents of his building have requested that AT&T pay their electric bill, a massive $750’000.

AT&T installed a mobile phone tower on the roof of the building ‘The Lenori’ in 1992. The american telecommunications giant we’re also supposed to install their own electricity supply and meter…but didn’t.

So over the past 20 years the residents of ‘The Lenori’ have been paying for AT&T’s electricity bill and have requested from AT&T via the courts a reimbursement of $750’000 minimum.

The issue was discovered in summer 2011 when the building was being surveyed to be made more eco-friendly.

Owners have estimated that approximately 70% of the electricity used by the building is is used by the tower on the roof.

There is also suspicion that AT&T did this on purpose, as when they first discovered the tower was tapping the building’s electricity supply they offered only $100’000 as recompense.

We will let you know more as and when we hear it.

Source: NY Daily News


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