For our first post here at TechTurtleUK, the honour goes to Apple announcing that OS X, or ‘Mountain Lion’ will be released today, 25th July 2012.

So what does OS X bring in any way?


Well it doesn’t bring a huge amount of major updates, but it does mean that Mountain Lion will integrate more IOS functions such as Game Centre, Messages, Notes and Twitter, that you get on Apples existing mobile devices.

Syncing to the Cloud

Apple have made it easier than ever to sync all your contacts, mail, calendar and what not for OS X. Once you download Mountain Lion, simply use your Apple ID and all your sync-able items will be there. Facetime, Message, Calendar etc…

Can you run like a Mountain Lion?

To install Mountain Lion you will need to have 8GB of available space and at least 2GB of memory and £19.99 in your bank account. Not all Mac’s can upgrade to Mountain Lion so here is a list of systems that are compatible with OS X 10.8 courtesy of those nice folks at TechRadar.

  • iMac – Mid 2007 or newer
  • MacBook – Late 2008 Aluminium or Early 2009 or newer
  • MacBook Pro – Mid/Late 2007 or newer
  • MacBook Air – Late 2008 or newer
  • Mac Mini – Early 2009 or newer
  • Mac Pro – Early 2008 or newer
  • Xserve – Early 2009

Source: TechRadar


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